What is Technology?

Technology has an extremely important place for human life. Technology has become an indispensable element of life since the struggle for existence of humanity began. Technology is an indispensable and integral part of daily life because it makes people's lives easier and saves time.

Smart home systems, kitchen appliances, public transportation, automobiles, smartphones, tablets, computers are some of the technological products that people constantly encounter in daily life. Thanks to these technological products, people can survive primitiveness and continue their lives in more modern conditions. Thanks to the advantages of technology, people continue their daily lives without getting tired.

Another technological element that completely affects daily life is the internet. Thanks to the Internet, many activities such as shopping, obtaining information, training, making payments, having fun and communicating can be carried out easily. The Internet has become so involved in daily life that it creates addiction in people.

The level of development of a country can be measured with the technological opportunities it has and the technological products it can produce. Thanks to technology, production becomes easier, the level of public works increases and industrialization is achieved. The welfare of the country rises. Many technological achievements bring along economic success. Countries can get rid of their dependence on foreign economically by selling technology